Regal Equestrian Loan Share Scheme

The Regal Equestrian Loan Share scheme enables our regular clients to loan a horse or pony on a “share” basis from Regal Equestrian Ltd.  


The aim of this scheme is to encourage clients that are keen and would love to be more involved but don’t yet feel able or ready to take the plunge into owning a horse or pony.

The scheme will cost £250 a month.  For this you will be able to:

•    Ride your horse or pony twice a week during the week on agreed days or evenings.
•    Ride your horse or pony on one day at the weekend (your regular lesson could be on second day if you would like)
•    Book “on site” lessons, training days or holiday activities at the “own horse” rate
•    Use your pony at shows held at Regal Equestrian Ltd
•    Children (8yrs+) can join Saturday Club (1/2 day on yard) for FREE.  
•    Receive a 25% discount when booking your horse or pony to go away to a show, event or training session off site  (Transport costs still apply if required)
•    Receive a 25% discount on hacking
•    It is hoped that owners will want to become involved in the care of their horse or pony when they are able to.
•    The scheme will include Regal Equestrian Ltd covering the costs of all feed, care, farriery and routine veterinary care


Horses currently available on the Loan Share scheme:


Bandit (15.1 hh, cob)

Breeze (15.2hh, TB)

Indi (15.2hh, cob)

Storm (14.2hh, Arab X)

Morgan (13.3hh)

Tom (13hh, pony)

Deer (12hh, welsh pony)

Andy (12.2hh, welsh pony)


If you, or your child, are a regular client (attends at least fortnightly lessons) and would like to be considered for a loan share, please contact Jo to discuss.

07950 482586